Helsinki City Running Day Routes and Starting Times now Public

Helsinki City Running Day combines the most important running events of Finland in one day: May 19th 2018. The routes and schedules of these five events have been planned carefully and are now final. 

The biggest change compared with the previous years concerns the Sportyfeel Helsinki City Run Half Marathon, the biggest running event in Finland. The starting time changes from the afternoon to 11:30 A.M. HCR also has a brand-new route!

The original Helsinki City Marathon takes place for the 38th time – now first time in the spring! The route remains the same than 2017 which has been praised of its beauty and central location.

Two brand new events; Helsinki City 5 and Helsinki City Marathon Relay will take place May 19th. Helsinki City 5 is a 5-kilometers long street race going through the center of Helsinki and Helsinki City Marathon Relay is a marathon ran by a 4-person team. Helsinki City Marathon Relay uses the same route than Helsinki City Marathon.  

The finish line of all events is at the Telia 5G Arena. All routes are measured by the AIMS approved measurer. The marathon and half marathon races are AIMS member events.

In 2018 marathon, half marathon and 5 km races have price money. 



Marathon route remains the same than 2017. The start takes place at the statue of the legend Paavo Nurmi at 15:00 (3 PM). The route is beautiful, shows the best sides of the Scandinavian nature and takes the runners into the city of Helsinki. The route has received excellent feedback in previous years.
See the Sportyfeel Helsinki City Marathon route in pdf at the bottom of this article. 


Helsinki City Marathon Relay is a new event connected with the marathon. Marathon Relay uses the same start, route and finish line as well as refreshment stations than HCM. Relay changeover points are located on the side of the marathon route. Relay legs are about 15, 7, 8 and 12 km, meaning that changeover points are at 15 km at Kaivopuisto’s Merisatama, at 23 km at Kansalaistori and at 30 km at Munkkiniemi’s Pikkuniemi. Runners move independently to the changeover points with the public transportation. The first runner will start at Paavo Nurmi statue (address: Mäntymäentie) at 15:30 o’clock (3:30 PM).
See the Sportyfeel Helsinki City Marathon route in pdf at the end of this article. 


Sportyfeel Helsinki City Run Half Marathon (HCR) will have a totally new route in 2018. It will also join the marathon route for the main part of the race added with a short loop at the beautiful Central Park of Helsinki. This way Because of this HCR will change into more urban route and it is able to show the most beautiful parts of Helsinki. The first starting corral will start from Paavo Nurmi statue (address: Mäntymäentie) at 11:30 am.
See the Sportyfeel Helsinki City Run route in pdf at the end of this article. 


The brand new Helsinki City 5 Street Run route combines the best of the city. The theme of the run is “Show your true color”, meaning that you may wear your favorite team jersey or other goofy race gear you wish! The race starts from Ruoholahti part of the city and goes through the city via the Baana, a cycling route. After that runners pop out of Baana at the Modern Art Museum Kiasma and Music Hall and run along the beautiful Töölönlahti Bay. Runners then circle the last stretch and run along the Eläintarha field until the race ends at Telia 5 G Arena.
See the Helsinki City 5 route in pdf at the end of this article.


Childrens’ Chiquita Minimarathon route is kept the same than 2017 starting from the Eläintarha Athletics Field and finishing at Telia 5 G Arena. Minimarathon is an event for children up to 13 years but parents go along for free! The kids start running at 9:00 with the older children, but they are free to come back to the play area after the run.  


Competition office and Running Expo are open for the bib pick up and other services on Friday May 18th and Saturday 19th of May. The bibs must be picked up at least 1,5 hours before individual starting times.


9:00 Minimarathon from Eläintarha field
11:30 Sportyfeel Helsinki City Run Half Marathon, 1st starting corral. Address: Mäntymäentie, Paavo Nurmi Statue 
15:00 Sportyfeel Helsinki City Marathon. Address: Mäntymäentie, Paavo Nurmi Statue 
klo 15:15 Helsinki City 5. Ruoholahti market square (Ruoholahden tori)
klo 15:30 Helsinki City Marathon Relay (Marathonviesti). First runner starts from Mäntymäentie, Paavo Nurmi Statue 


Sportyfeel Helsinki City Run Half Marathon
Helsinki City Marathon  
Helsinki City Marathonviesti
Helsinki City 5
Chiquita Minimarathon
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