​Helsinki City Run's route certified by AIMS

Finland's biggest half marathon, Sportyfeel Helsinki City Run, running today, received on May 12th the AIMS Membership. It means that the new route of the event has been formally measured by an IAAF-approved person and the event meets international standards.

AIMS is a member-based organization of more than 400 of the world’s leading distance races, from over 100 countries and territories. It’s objectives are to foster and promote distance running throughout the world, to work with the International Association of Athletic Federations (IAAF) on all matters relating to international road races and to exchange information, knowledge and expertise among members of the association.

AIMS has set firm standards of course measurement. IAAF has recognized and adopted the AIMS system as its standard. All AIMS members are required to have their courses so measured.

Sportyfeel Helsinki City Run’s route was measured by a certified measurer Mr. Tero Töyrylä.

Sportyfeel Helsinki City Run was accepted as AIMS member on May 12th. Previous Finnish members of the organization were Helsinki City Marathon, Paavo Nurmi Marathon and Helsinki Half Marathon.

Finnish Athletics Federation’s Helsinki City Run half marathon has been measured by the certified measurer also in last few years but AIMS membership gives it official status and enables marketing benefits to international audiences.  

Welcome to join the event!