Finland's biggest half marathon, Sportyfeel Helsinki City Run, running today, received on May 12th the AIMS Membership. It means that the new route of the event has been formally measured by an IAAF-approved person and the event meets international standards.

Welcome to the race week runners! Are you excited? We sure are! Full of positive excitement and ready to rock! Here are some last minute tips for the days before Helsinki City Run on Saturday!
Don’t do anything new. Race week isn’t the time to try new shoes, new food or drinks, new gear, or anything else you haven’t used on several workouts. Stick with the routine that works for you!

Your bib number is one of the most important things in your race day! Here is what you need to know about your bib number, starting groups and the timing zip!

The fastest Finnish half marathon runners are joining the Finland's biggest half marathon in large numbers.

- The faster and flatter route will offer great competition for the fastest runners, says the Event Director Markku Haverinen.

There are many new changes made in this year’s event. The route is flatter and faster than ever before. Women and men series have price money for the first time.

The official registration to Helsinki City Run Half Marathon taking place May 13th is officially ending on Saturday April  15th 2017 at 23:59. All runners who register by the official deadline are guaranteed all benefits and a place at the largest half marathon in Finland. Congratulations on your good decision – you are supporting children and adults in Finnish track & field clubs with your participation.


As the year 2016 is coming to an end, it’s a great time to make a new year’s resolution for 2017.
Finland is now a hot destination on the global radar for tourism! Lonely Planet has ranked Finland third in its Best in Travel 2017 Guidebook in the category Top Countries – Ten destinations you cannot afford to miss. Lonely Planet sums it up perfectly: ‘There’s never been a better time to discover Finland’s proudly unique culture and landscapes’.

Finland’s largest half marathon, Helsinki City Run, is making many changes that take place in next year’s event. The most relevant change concerning runners is related to the route. Also the start of the race has a new location. Helsinki City Run takes place May 13th 2017.
In 2016 over 12 000 runners ran a renewed and more urban route than before. About 2/3 of the route was ran on the city streets and 1/3 in the Helsinki’s Central park. This change was widely praised by the runners.

Finnish Student Sports Federation (OLL) board has processed the applications for the Finnish Student Championships 2017 and granted the following rights:

The Helsinki City Runners walk through a tunnel from Sonera Stadium to the start area of the Helsinki City Run halfmarathon. Runners are encouraged to walk briskly through the tunnel. You may not stop in the tunnel and it is not to be used as a rain cover or bag drop place.

Please walk along in the tunnel and do not cause any delays. In case the tunnel gets crowded it may be closed due to safety reasons. We ask for your understanding – this way all runners are going to make it to the starting area on time.

Have a great race!