Specsavers Helsinki City Run will start with 10 start groups starting at 3PM from Vauhtitie approximately 500m from Olympic Stadium. Runners are divided into start groups according to target times given while registering for the event. There will be ca. 1,500 runners in each group.

After completing a half-marathon, there is definitely a reason to celebrate!

Specsavers Helsinki City Runin registration ends 12.4.2015.

Official Specsavers Helsinki City Run race t-shirt 2015 will be blue.

Totally renewed Helsinki City Run 2015 medal is published! This year the new medal has a ribbon so every finisher can wear it after the race.

Helsinki City Run official route map has been published.

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The Finnish Athletic Federation will organise a wholly new running event in downtown Helsinki.

Maxim Hypotonic Sports drink will be the official sports drink for Helsinki City Run 2015.